Newly released: The Art of Wild

I'm profiled in a new fifteen-minute documentary film, which is a love letter to wildness—in life, art, and the world—and to what lies beyond the beaten path. Uncertainty, yes. Risk, yes. Financial security, not a chance. "I didn't want to work 9 to 5," Jeremy Koreski says in it. "Instead, I work 24/7!"

But what such employment lacks in overtime pay it makes up for in currencies of wonder, joy, community, freedom, and fresh air, "showing that what we value most in life," as Jamie Tanner puts it, "is not material but experiential wealth."

My only regret about being involved with this film? I didn't get the chance to hang out with the others featured in it—inspiring, innovative types for whom wildness is a way of life. You can watch "The Art of Wild" here or on Outside Online.

Kate HarrisComment