Lands of Lost Borders in the Georgia Review

"In some ways getting lost was my goal from the start. Growing up in small-town Ontario, where the tallest mountain was a haystack and the broadest horizon a field of corn, I’d felt wilder than the world in all directions. It wasn’t until university that I finally stepped beyond the borders of my home country, finally saw a mountain and a desert in more than pixels or words on a page, and there was no looking back. From then on my greatest joy has been wandering the planet’s rough peripheries with a tent and a backpack full of books. My greatest fear is having to work, heaven forbid, in a cubicle. To avoid this I mostly subsist on instant noodles, and I travel whenever possible by my own two legs, enabling a vagabond life rich in every currency but money."

This is essentially my life's mission statement as excerpted from Lands of Lost Borders, a new essay of mine about wildness, borders, and cycling the Silk Road. I'm thrilled to have this piece of writing published in The Georgia Reviewone of my very favourite literary magazines. You can read it online or, better yet, support this wonderful small press by purchasing a copy of the Fall 2014 issue here.

Kate HarrisComment